SWYD 60: Bobby Asplund of non | verbal

Show Notes

Two passionate beings combined their experiences and knowledge to share grounding and herbal healing practices with everyone and created non|verbal.

Bobby lived in China and was initiated into the culture’s ancient ways at a young age. He later discovered cacao during his travels in South America and benefited from the heart opening and healing properties of this powerful plant. In Bali in 2019, all these paths came together when he first took and then continued to assist raw vegan courses with a focus on holistic nutrition, Chinese medicine, herbalism and food as a way of nourishment to support spiritual connection. He did so under the tutelage of Ben Richards at The Seeds of Life Bali.

Deniz, always following the gentle guidance of her heart, ended up leaving her home country of Turkey at 19 to explore the world. She worked at various non profit organizations to support underprivileged, homeless, orphan and refugee children. Hitting her own mental and emotional limitations while working with children in Nepal and feeling inadequate in her ability to support them in such tough living situations, she took a different path. She turned towards her own healing and awareness of her emotions first, as to be a source of grounded support and love for all. She is a certified yoga teacher and emotional release & self healing mentor, sharing guidance and practices for embodiment of light and love. Besides her emotional healing practices, she is trained in Ayurvedic tradition and nutrition. She spent many years at an organic farm in India and then under the wisdom and wings of Mangala Fletcher in Sri Lanka, who now runs an organic wellness home and continues to expand her organic garden and teachings.

The Purpose:

non|verbal is dedicated to combining the best of what nature offers with the wisdom of ancient traditions to guide all towards healthy and conscious living. We carry the intention of bringing support to all who are on a journey.

From distracted to Focused.

Anxious to Calm.

Exhausted to Energized.

Hurting to Resilient.

Hiding to Glowing.

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