SWYD 51: Nathan Gordon of SANS

Show Notes

This week, we're talking with Co-Founder and CEO, Nathan Gordon of Sans Meal Bar.

It was not until just a few years ago that Nathan really became aware of the havoc that the “Western diet” has been wreaking upon our society over the last 50 years. During this time span, the ratio of American adults who are obese has risen from 1 in 8 in 1968 to 1 in 3 today. Our declining health has been fueled by the modern food industry, which has largely been providing food options to the masses that (1) are highly processed and (2) include a high dose of added sugar.

In the summer of 2017, motivated by the problem of the western diet and by the giving model pioneered by Blake Mycoskie at TOMS, Nathan had the following thought pop into my head: “What if we could come up with a delicious, well-balanced meal that makes it super simple for people to eat healthy. And for every package we sell, we can give a meal to someone in need." Nathan's goal was to make it easier for you to eat healthy! And the rest is history.

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