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David Greenfeld

Founder. Investor. Speaker.

DG thinking about his vision

Hey there — DG here.

I’m the Founder & CEO of Dream Pops, one of the fastest growing plant-based ice cream & confectionery brands in the United States.

5 years ago, my team and I set out to create the first 100% plant-based, snackable ice cream with all the nostalgia of a sundae, but none of the junk.

After studying the frozen aisle, I was shocked that the overwhelming majority of products had ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, gums & stabilizers, and artificial flavors. Although traditional ice cream has remained irresistibly delicious, it has proved to be undeniably unhealthy. Something had to change.

Unable to fathom a world without ice cream, we put together an amazing team to design the ice cream of the future. We’re now available in over 4,500+ retailers in North America, with that number quickly growing.

Now, with the launch of our first series of shelf-stable products, we’re expanding on our mission to re-engineer every single dessert experience known to mankind.

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The Courage to Dream. The Will to Innovate. The Tenacity to Execute. Anything is Possible.

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Dream Pops frozen dessert and novelties business is accelerating at a rapid pace.

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Dream Pops is a fast-growing plant-based ice cream & frozen novelty brand in North America.

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